Not-Fixed coworking space

Fixed coworking space: reserve a workplace, get a cactus on your desk and feel that this office is yours.
Price of 1 fixed place: 6000 UAH per month

Smart office: a workplace for a team for a period not less than 1 month, with the possibility to arrange working meetings and other benefits.
Price of smart office: 12000 UAH per month

Not-Fixed coworking space: permanence is not about you?! Change your seat every day.
Price of fixed place: 350 UAH per day, 5000 UAH per month

All our coworkers receive:

  • Access to the meeting room, skype rooms, lounge area
  • Free admission to all events at Blockchain Hub
  • Access to community and cooperation
  • Guest visits
  • Reception assistance
  • Shower
  • Tea, coffee, juice, breakfasts, snacks

Fixed coworking space